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The subject of colors is one of the most important basic subjects for the art student, as it expresses the feelings, feelings and internal emotions of the student, and beautifies places with bright colors.

Watch and Application

Watching is one of the most important subjects that the student studies in the fourth stage, art education, because he learns how to be a successful teacher and he needs it during the period of application in schools.


The subject of planning is one of the important and basic subjects for the student because it is the basis of the artistic process and the student's creativity in learning by drawing



Murals is one of the most important subjects for the fourth stage, because the student here moves away from the implementation of drawing in small sizes and goes out to the open squares to implement his creativity in a sophisticated manner

Aesthetics and art

The subject of Art Criticism and Aesthetics is one of the most important theoretical subjects for the fourth stage, because through it the student can analyze the art painting and know its strengths and weaknesses.

History of Modern

The fourth-stage student gets acquainted with the history of modern art and the important art schools that he uses in the practical lesson applications and increase the culture of art history



Project material fourth phase: a presentation of what the student learned from the past three years of studying and the student of the project in the final year is an artist, and the material is not presented to him as in previous years. The professor provides advice to the student who has reached the degree of professionalism, which is the fourth phase of the academic study. In private, with the writing of the graduation thesis, the project degree is divided into theoretical and practical achievement