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Graduation Project I&II

This topic belongs to the 4th grade students studying computer science. it covers many topics in computer science applications such as designing websites, designing and implementing databases, studying local area networks , digital image processing toolboxes, expert system , artificial intelligence ,using different computer programming languages , and others .

Web Development II

Upon successful completion of the course, the student should be able to: 

1. Fullyunderstand how to implement dynamic website.

2. Fully Understand how Web sites works by understanding HTTP and HTTPS protocols, and How to maintain Web Server , both IIS and Apache Server.

3- Strong understanding about Server Side Scripting Language “ASP.NET 4.0 with C# “

4- Introduction about RIA “Rich Internet Application”, With Silverlight 4.0

5- Introduction to Content Management System with SharePoint 2010. 

Information Security II

This course introduces the concepts and issues related to security in networks, network concepts, threats in networks and the development of policies to implement network security controls. The course covers different Topics such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, secure e-mail, administering security, risk analysis, organizational security policies, authentication and privacy, privacy on the web, legal and ethical issues in computer security, and protecting programs and data.

Operating System II

Operating System  concepts, Process states ,Parallel and Concurrent processing   , Deadlock , Real Storage .

Image Processing

Visual information plays an important role in almost all areas of our life. Today, much of this information is represented and processed digitally. Digital image processing is ubiquitous, with applications ranging from television to tomography, from photography to printing, from robotics to remote sensing

Computer Network II

This course will enhance the students’ knowledge on different aspects of computer networks. The students will be taught different techniques and methodologies to understand the modern networks for wired and wireless services.