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Lab instrumental

 Introduces students to the major concepts of instrumental analysis and to some of the instrumental techniques most commonly used in analytical and bioanalytical LABORATORY


A study of the molecular and cellular interactions and principles of the immune system. Topics include immune system development, humoral & cell-mediated immunity, disease and treatments involving immunization, immunodeficiency, and autoimmunity.

Biochemistry II

 This course will focus on metabolic biochemistry: the study of chemical reactions that provide the cell with the energy and raw materials necessary for life.

Hematology I

Hematology Theory and Lab includes a review of general cell morphology with an emphasis on hematopoiesis and bone marrow evaluation. Hematological disease states such as anemias and leukemias are discussed in detail. Hemostasis, thrombosis and disease of the coagulation system are discussed.

Parasitology II

 This course is a survey of animal parasites, using selected taxa to illustrate concepts and patterns of parasite/host evolution, systematics, physiology, morphology, life history, ecology and behavior.

Microbiology II

The scope of microbiology, description of eukaryotic and prokaryotic microorganisms, microbial nomenclature and classification.A general study of microorganisms, characteristics and nutrition.Growth, Reproduction of microorganisms. Genetics, Microbes and Disease, Microbes in food, Sewage and Industry, Control of microorganisms