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Graphic II

Graphic material: a third stage - in its general meaning it is the art of cutting, engraving or processing wooden or metal-plastic panels, any material that can be used to achieve printed surfaces and obtain different artistic effects by printing

Teacher: art art

Free Applications II

Free Applications: The third stage - exercises, Austria, Austria, in front of the canvas and the direct planning paper further, and he tries to use the aesthetics of drawing and progress aesthetics for everything else in existence. Musical instruments and practices, the applications of this material, operations within the art workshops, with giving an explanation of theories for students to bring the idea of ​​the topic closer to the student’s permission and make it more clear.

Human Anatomy II

An artist cannot provide a true picture of the human artwork without a deep study of anatomy, as the study of anatomy is an important preliminary step for professional and amateur art students where the human being is a formation of bone bones as well as the external anatomical surface and the study of the human body in all positions and movements, which is what benefits from the artist in his artistic work 

Composition II

Artistic formation is a third stage - represented in organizing objects and arranging artistic elements within the painting to create an integrated artistic work according to the principles of art

Painting II

The planning lesson is one of the most basic subjects in plastic art as it helps the student to develop his abilities and skills to be a good painter.

Drawing II

Planning material: a third stage - Planning is one of the first basic steps in the art of drawing, embodying the idea of ​​the topic and building relationships of shapes within the creation of the artwork with each other

Research Methods II // Art Dept.

learners to acquire knowledge on their own, and actively participate in all educational activities and attendance with desire and activity so that they are not used On independence in thought, work and self-reliance.

Teacher: art art

History of Art II

Art history course for the third phase This course is taught to get acquainted with the history of modern art and what it contains of modern variables, including new modern schools in violation of the old classical rules that develop students ’intellectual and artistic abilities to learn about art history and also benefit from the application of these schools in practical subjects.