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Appreciation of Art II

Art criticism subject: a fourth stage - artistic appreciation is the development of theories of aesthetics and taste in the West, whose philosophers and thinkers have laid down laws and the primary foundations for them, and taste research develops in the eighteenth, twentieth and twenty-first centuries, and contemporary aesthetic theories that differed with the old traditional approach and the role of museums, galleries and art colleges, In developing the recipient's aesthetic taste and creating an audience for that art, confronting art opponents, marketing artworks, and promoting the local and national economy.

Teacher: art art

Independent Studio II

in developing students' abilities with these ideas for the fourth stage in helping a graduation project

Philosophy of Art II

. Philosophy subject: Fourth stage - Philosophy course is studied to get acquainted with the human sciences in which there are many philosophical opinions and statements represented by the beginning of Greek philosophy searching in existence, absolute and man, to develop the student's mentality and creative abilities in applying philosophical statements in plastic art

Space Study and Mass II

is a basic element of the basic art elements. It studies artistic space, placing the figure within a space and explains the theory of exercises that enable understanding the basic components of work

Project II

Project material fourth phase: a presentation of what the student learned from the past three years of studying and the student of the project in the final year is an artist, and the material is not presented to him as in previous years. The professor provides advice to the student who has reached the degree of professionalism, which is the fourth phase of the academic study. In private, with the writing of the graduation thesis, the project degree is divided into theoretical and practical achievement